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Life with spasticity

Be the hero of your journey and find out whether spasticity could be affecting you, with helpful tips from people living with the condition on how to manage it.

People affected by spasticity


people are affected by spasticity worldwide.1


of stroke survivors may develop spasticity within 3 months.2


of people with multiple sclerosis have some form of spasticity.3

What is spasticity?

Spasticity is a pathologically increased muscle tone and stretch reflex. Learn more about the disease and its impact.

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Spasticity treatment

Treatment should be provided by a multidisciplinary team. Find out what options are available to suit you.

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Spasticity aids for daily activities

Aids can make everyday life easier for those living with spasticity and help in coping with daily challenges.

Life with spasticity for David

Spasticity can have a huge impact on daily life. In this video David Britt talks about his hospital stay and the experiences he had.


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