Aids for daily activities – Part 2

Everyday skills

Limited mobility in spasticity patients can make it hard to pick up objects from the floor or unlock doors. Various aids can make gripping easier.


There are various types of gripper. They make it possible to pick up objects from the floor or table.

Key holders

A cover that can be pulled over the key makes it easier to grip the key and turn it in the lock.


Limited motor skills can make it difficult to use a telephone or computer and restrict everyday communication. There is a variety of different aids to help people use these appliances again and so increase their levels of social interaction.

Large-button telephone

Large buttons make it easier to use the telephone.

Mouse replacement devices

Trackball mouses for example can make it easier to use the computer and replace the standard mouse. They enable the computer to be used with just one finger and so avoid unintentional keystrokes.

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