Back to work

Back to work

Going back to work after a stroke that has caused permanent spasticity can prove difficult. Physical limitations can also cause mental or emotional problems. However, depending on the field one works in, it is possible to return to the world of work.

Care managers can help people get back to work. They support patients with various limitations to get back to work after a long gap due to serious health issues.

Care managers are specially trained to offer patients emotional and physical support and to help them organize their professional and private lives. For example, they contact employment agencies and pension companies on their behalf and work together with patients, family members and employers to develop a holistic professional integration concept. This includes accompanying patients, where necessary, to the workplace and training them in certain procedures. This makes it easier for them to get back into work or education.

Care managers can be contacted via various portals and organizations.

Care Manager (combination of the words care and manager) is a relatively new profession. Care managers help patients to cope better with work, training and private life.  Care Management comprises nursing, social and organizational activities. These include, for example, communication with employers, job centers and insurance companies as well as providing patients with emotional and physical support in professional and/or private activities. Patients can also be supported by their care manager in terms of medical treatment or physiotherapy (taking medication, exercises).

If physical limitations necessitate career changes, the relevant steps can also be taken.  Care managers can help with training courses and finding suitable placements.

The structure of the working day is very likely to be different from before and it will take some effort to carry out the new tasks. The measures mentioned here aim to ease any concerns about getting back to work or about career changes and to give patients the strength they need.

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