4 – Did you know what had happened to you?

In the fourth episode of our video of our video campaign Rita Upon is asked, if she knew what had happened to her.

5 – Did the physician listen to all your concerns?

In the fifth episode of our video campaign Rita Upon talks about her first-hand experience in the hospital.

13 – Can you still do your hair?

The thirteenth video of our video campaign represents Rita Upon – She speaks about her own sense of beauty and the daily hygiene after her stroke.

22 – How was it when your husband returned home?

The couple Tatjana and Ivan Umek are the main actors of our twenty-second video of our video-campaign. In this episode, the question concerns Tatjana life. She speaks about the actions of the family, when Ivan came back home.

28 – Did you keep on seeing a physiotherapist?

On a very important topic for a stroke patient, Ivan Umek speaks in the eight-video of our video campaign – the external help provided by physiotherapists with all the positive

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