Health insurance companies and authorities


Some health insurance companies provide certain benefits in terms of the treatment of spasticity. For example, some orthoses prescribed by doctors are reimbursed by health insurance companies. It is worth contacting your health insurance company to enquire about other benefits. These include physiotherapy and medical treatment.

Disabled person’s pass

If everyday life is permanently restricted by spasticity, this may count as severe disability. To qualify, the degree of disability (DoD) must be at least 50 on a scale of 20 to 100. There are also compensations for those with a disabled person’s pass. These include, for example, reductions when using public transport or in admission prices, as well as priority for job interviews.


Those who are unable to go back to work are entitled to a pension. This could be a temporary annuity or a lifetime pension, depending on the degree of incapacity. The decision is taken solely by the employment agency.

With regard to the right to a disabled person’s pass or a pension, it is helpful to gather information about individual cases and settle outstanding issues. In this way the appropriate action can be taken.

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