47 – What else keeps you motivated?

In the 47th video of the video campaign Ivan Umek talks about that his family being his motivation to go on and that everyone can have a bad day, but you have to move on. Furthermore, he reports that sport helped him with the coordination of movements.

45 – How long did it take you to accept the new situation after the stroke?

In the 45th video of the video campaign, Ivan Umek's wife talks about how she manages the situation and how the first challenges have been for them.

36 – How did you react to the things that happened after the stroke?

In the thirty-sixth video of our video campaign Ivan Umeks wife talks about how their life changes after the stroke and to fight for any improvement.

41 – How did you manage to drive again?

In the 41st video of our video campaign Ivan Umek speaks of his first time driving a car after his stroke. And that it is very important to set yourself goals, even if it is just a small goal.

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